Virtual Private Networks

Increased security

By using VPN solutions, the transfer of information is done in a secure way, all data being encrypted.

Gainful cost

VPN solution is the most cost-effective option for secure data transmission. It is also very flexible, easy to implement and scalable.


VPN connections provide businesses with the ability to give employees and partners access to the company's IT resources (software, email, files, etc) regardless of the physical location they are located in.
This feature helps to increase productivity and eliminate certain restrictions on how some activities, processes can take place.

Scenarios of use

Remote access for employees

By implementing this solution, employees outside the headquarters, sales agents, remote employees, field teams, etc. will have the same level of access to the Company's IT resources as employees at the company's headquarters.

Linking branches and partners

The solution allows branches or collaborators to access the company's IT resources. The solution offered is customizable, it is possible to select the services to which access is offered in a differentiated way for each branch or collaborator.

Mixed access

The solution allows employees, affiliates and collaborators to simultaneously connect to the company's IT resources. The access offered is selective depending on the rights assigned to each employee, branch or collaborator.