• Active Directory Domain Service

    Active Directory Domain Service

    BUSINESS SERVER ACTIVE DIRECTORY DOMAIN SERVICES Permite utilizatorilor să folosească acelaşi set de credentiale pentru accesarea majorităţii serviciilor disponibile în…

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  • IT Services Broker

    IT Services Broker

    Technology is part of our daily lives, it has shaped businesses, it has shaped our present and it will definitely…

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  • Desktop Virtualization

    Desktop Virtualization

    Benefits: Increased productivity Less downtime, increased productivity among end users Allow users to work from anywhere Security Data cannot be…

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  • IT Infrastructure Monitoring System

    IT Infrastructure Monitoring System

    Benefits: Enables data driven decisions Ensures that your IT infrastructure works as it should Knows how your it infrastructure is…

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  • HelpDesk Support

    HelpDesk Support

    The IT scene is tuning out to be progressively intricate and hard to oversee. Many  organizations have challenges in filling…

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  • Application virtualization

    Application virtualization

    Application virtualization is the idea that a particular app or piece of software should be in no way dependent on…

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  • ICT Costs Optimizer

    ICT Costs Optimizer

    Our goal Increase the value that IT brings to your company by optimizing the costs of your IT department. How…

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  • Managed Security Services

    Managed Security Services

    The Managed Security Services are meant to protect your company and your networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage…

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  • Cloud Virtual Infrastructure

    Cloud Virtual Infrastructure

    Benefits:  Flexibility easy to operate changes and to satisfy business needs allows tests to take place without risks Cost effective…

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  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

    Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution

    Whether through hardware failure, human error, fire, theft or accidental damage, data loss can have catastrophic effects. Protecting data within…

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