Risks and Challenges
Security breaches are more and more frequent. 32% of companies have admitted being the victim of some form of cyber criminality in 2016.(

Hackers remain undetected in a network, in average more than 140 days. The existence of a spy in your business, more than 5 months, may sound impossible, but the data shows that this happens frequently. (

It is somebody from the inside! 59% of employees steal company data when they quite or are fired. (

99% of computers are vulnerable, in a form or another. Software like Oracle Java, Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash are on most of the computers, exposing them to risks designed specially to exploit their vulnerability. (

Service Utility
Network Security

  • A firewall system ensures controlled access to the company's network, including servers and communications equipment.
  • The firewall protects the internal network having the role of a filter. Any connection that takes place from or to the company's network is verified and blocked or accepted, depending on the rules the company wishes to implement.
  • Most security risks come from outside the network, but they can come from within. An infected computer or an unhappy employee can cause huge damage.
  • The firewall solution we provide enables segmentation of the network, the distribution of computers to multiple groups, and the access management the computers have.

Data Traffic Monitoring

  • Traffic from and to the company's network is monitored, and traffic-related traffic information is noted in electronic files.
  • Traffic monitoring allows the identification of potentially dangerous packets, as well as a further in-depth analysis.