Remote access

Allows to access easily files stored on the server by authorized users. Access to information from remote location may be essential in many scenarios. An example can be access to files from a company branch. Another example may be that of an employee who is away in a delegation.
The situations where essential files for running a project are stored locally on an employee's computer and in its absence access to those files is difficult will be avoided. Accessing data is multiplatform: desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablets.

Centralized files management

Allows centralized access permissions for company files:
- user and department level permissions
- folder structure according to the specific activity of the company (creating folders for each department, project, activity, partner, etc.)

In the scenario where company data is stored on multiple devices, the control of permissions for confidential files is impossible to manage.

Security & Data Backup

You are guaranteed that your business data is safe. In many small and medium companies, files are stored locally.
This way of working exposes companies to a multitude of risks, if a computer's hard drive fails, there is the risk of losing all the information stored on that computer, including critical information that could cost a lot of money.
One example is the loss of a company's customer base database built over the years.
This is an example of terrible scenarios that you can encounter without a dedicated File Server.
Backing up a File Server can be done easily and quickly, thus avoiding data loss.

Data recovery becomes easy

File recovery options are multiple. Deploying solutions that allow you to access old versions of files or restore deleted files can easily be done.

Monitoring users

It gives you the ability to monitor files that are accessed by each user individually.

An Enhanced Control

Allows all passwords to be managed from a central location, allows you to create new users in the shortest possible time.
Similarly, deleting a user from the system will ensure that access to the entire file system is restricted.

So, if you fired an unsatisfied employee, you do not have to worry about the unauthorized access it might have to your company's files and data.